How it works

  • What is OlaFans?

OlaFans is the ultimate "one stop shop" social media platform that provides stars with the ability to convert fans into paying customers and monetize your brand and content. Fans pay a recurring monthly subscription fee to access exclusive content from their favourite stars with additional features like Tipping, Premium Content, Private Chat, Premium Snapchat, and much more. OlaFans enables stars to set all of the price points themselves with total control over their content and how they engage with their fans.

At OlaFans, we will promote our stars across media platforms daily. We aim to assist each of our stars gain the maximum exposure and revenue possible.

Welcome to OlaFans!

  • How to become a Star on OlaFans?

To sign up to become a star for OlaFans go to and click the blue 'Getting Started’ button on the top right of our home page. and signup.

Be sure to upload identification and  selfies while holding your ID next to your face (ID Verification photo). The selfie ID process ensures identity verification; the person on the ID is the same person signing up for the account. 

Once completed with an application and it is approved, stars will receive an email with clear instructions on how to get started uploading content and making money. Stars will automatically receive an email newsletter sharing news, tips on best practices and weekly emails on site updates.

If any questions may arise during the application process, stars have a convenient chat window on the bottom right. We can also be reached via email at [email protected].


  • Can i make money without any nudity or sexual content?

    Yes. Your content is your own. Stars can post anything they'd like from non-adult content, to bikini, lingerie, implied nudity all the way too full nude or hardcore. We welcome all types of stars and we make no judgment of your content. The culture of our community is more focused on interaction, unique creation and being engaging rather than hardcore adult content. No one knows your identity and personality and your fans better than you. We don't want to see stars doing something they are not comfortable and urge you not to. Staying comfortable is easy since we give you total control over the type of content that you create.